We are looking for a few Founding Partners: the Best of the Best in the Business to work with us to be the Providers of detailed data for our Members. There will only be a handful in each category in each basin of the lake and for your services, you will have a permanent spot at the top of our Products & Services Page.

All you have to do is at the end of your day, enter real fishing experience data online using our easy web application. Data includes as much detail as you wish to provide.

At a minimum: Specie, Basin, Major Area, Fish Spot (already assigned number), distance from the spot lat/lon, Fish Bite Rating. Optionally, add Action (drift, troll, etc), Depth, Comments.

Categories below may be filled already. Enter your data and we will get back with you confirming your inclusion. Your info will be displayed on the Partner Products & Services page, ahead of other paying Advertisers in these Categories.

We have Information Providers from every area of the Lake but are looking for a few more Marinas, Charters, Bait & Tackle or Fish Cleaning businesses in a select few areas of the Lake to join. The website is live and in operation.