Thank you for considering becoming a Fish Connect Member. All Fishermen know that with fishing, Change is the only thing you can depend on – change in where the fish are, if they are biting or not, what they’re hitting on, presentation method, etc… Закладки лирика в Пятигорске

You’ve made the right choice. By joining as a Fish ConnectMember you will have access to real fishing information – we call it the Fish Connect 411. We suggest you study the information the night before going fishing and check it again with your Android device if you wish. We have tons of free information to go along with the 411, so take advantage of that as well. Finally, all Members are encouraged to contribute to our fishing database of information by making an entry report after your day is done. The more accurate and detailed the data, the better. Here is some important information you will find when looking for the 411:


We use advanced IT technology to store and present data. Logically think of a Body of Water as having multiple areas and within that even more levels of refinement. We call the top level “Body”. Within a Body are Basins and within those are Major Areas and within those is the last subdivision is Minor Area or Hot Spot which may now be reduced to a few square miles. We report data down to this finest of fine levels. Example: (Body/Basin/Major/Minor Spot)

  •  Lake Erie
  •  Western Basin
  •  Islands Area
  • Gull Island Shoal

So, when you inquire (looking for the 411) you can query by Specie/ Major Area and the results will be displayed in priority order of the hottest areas followed by the less warm areas reported. There will be many results found including the Hot Spot, the direction and distance from the Spot along with information on depth, method of fishing, etc. 

If you’re a casual fisherman, you don’t need Fish Connect. However, if you’re serious, you have thousands of $ invested in your gear and spend thousands of $ a year just to get out on the Lake (dockage, maintenance, insurance, fuel, etc.). All that just to “HOPE” to find and catch fish! If you “KNEW” where the fish are, if they’re hitting and if so, on what and how you have to agree the value would be uncalculatable! Well, Fish Connect Membership Fees are ridiculously cheap!

Each Body of Water will have a different number of Basins to choose from. As Lake Erie is our first Body of Water, you have your choice of 1 of 4 Basins with a Basic Membership or All 4 Basins with a VIP Membership:

Western from Toledo to Avon

Mid from Avon to Fairport Harbor

Central from Fairport Harbor to Presque Isle

Eastern from Presque Isle to Buffalo



To Join, just select “Member Signup” below, enter your data, choose your Membership Type and Submit. After joining as a member at the link below, you will receive via email your log in credentials. Log on using your assigned password (you may change it later) And you will be taken to the Membership Dashboard. The first time there, on the top Bar click Add Basin and you will be taken to the Member Add Purchase page. There, select VIP or 1 Basin Membership type. Pay your fees and indicate your Basin(s) of choice. Based on the Basins selected, you will have complete access to the site until your Membership expires in 12 Months, at which time you may renew. During your Membership Period you also get free access to our Members-only Blog, Current News, and a treasure trove of information on fishing in general in your Body of Water including lake contour maps, specie information, science of the lake, etc.

As a paid Member, you qualify for a discount if you wish to purchase our Fish Connect Waterproof Map Set containing 13 detailed maps, over 250 Secret Spots, Descriptions and Fish Habitats, Latitude, Longitude, Depth, Bottom Contour Structure and Special Rivers and Reefs Sections. The map retails for $50 in stores but Members may purchase it for $33.