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Welcome to Fish Connect © ®

You have your boat or a friend’s lined up. Your gear is in order – rods, reels, lures, bait, maps. You’ve checked the weather conditions and the seas will be prime for fishing. You’re “All Set”. Except for one thing – one BIG thing – where are the Fish? And, Are They Biting? You know that without this critical knowledge, your time on the water will be just that – Time On the Water and a Big Waste of Time and money.The program’s success rests on having professionals who regularly fish these waters and are willing to provide timely data of their fishing experience. Primary Providers are Charter Captains, bait & tackle businesses, fish cleaners – those who know what is caught, when and where. These experts are hand-picked by us and their numbers are limited to ensure that only the most honest, accurate, timely information is available.
The program has already started in Lake Erie for the 2017 season is now available for discounted membership. If you have not joined yet, everything is password protected except “Join” Areas. Along with the 411 Info fishing results, Members also have access to tons of information in the Free Stuff area of the site.

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You may join the program as a Member or Advertiser and view our list of Partners. After logging in, Members will have access to the proprietary section of the site. Fish Results information is available via the internet on their PC or Android device by following the “411 Tab” where they find current info about Specie, Direction and Distance from a unique Spot, Activity (Biting, Nibbling or Just present), Fishing Method, Depth and Comments. They also have access to post and review ” Blogs” and “News” and a treasure trove of information on fishing in general in your Body of Water including lake contour maps, specie information, science of the lake, etc.

Program Overview:-

Fish Connect is unique in that it is the first and only program that delivers real, accurate and current information on where the fish are in a particular body of water. Data is collected from Professionals who make their living on the Water – Charter Captains, Fish Cleaning organizations, Bait and Tackle Shops, etc. The data is collected daily and intelligently organized in a manner that gives fishermen knowledge of where the fish are located, when and if they’re biting.The fishing “Spots” will be graphically superimposed on top of the section of the Lake you are interested in as well as listed in narrative form.

Maps of Lake Erie